Nissan gives its Z series an update

2021 Nissan 370Z


The 2021 Nissan 370Z: dive headlong into the future

2021 Nissan 370Z

Since 2020 seems like a year of renewal for many, Nissan decided to give a new identity to the 370Z, which would become the 400Z.

Going back to its famous origins, drawing lessons from the past and tracing the roots of this car back to the Datsun 240Z, that is. But the Z has always been popular and the story continues.

The new Nissan Z will borrow the 3.0 L twin-turbo V6 from the Infiniti Q60. This engine currently generates up to 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque in the Red Sport 400 models. With any luck, it will produce the same amount of power in the 400Z.

A renewal for the Nissan 370Z

Rumors about the announced renewal have been circulating for several years now. The most recent advances for the Nissan 370Z date back more than a decade. So the automaker let the news make the rounds relating the arrival of the Nissan 400Z electric, manufactured in partnership with Mercedes. And even plans to turn this car into a crossover focused on performance.

In any event, what we do know is that Nissan won’t let its guard down regarding this model that has enticed and continues to entice generation after generation.

The Nissan Z on the road to electrification

While we’re on the topic of changes, it appears that Nissan wanted to electrify its Z series between now and 2022. But the pandemic has forced a delay in the schedule.

It isn’t easy for anyone to move forward not knowing what the future may hold. But we also know that Nissan isn’t afraid to draw on all of its resources to give its best to seasoned drivers.

We wager that the Nissan, whether it’s a 370Z or a 400Z, will live up to expectations with a host of new features, which you’ll be able to discover at Solution Nissan of Châteauguay.

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