Nissan Intelligent Mobility™

A Bolder Ride Through Life

Discover a smarter way to move. Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ brings together our most advanced innovations in semi-autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity. Feel more confident with state-of-the-art safety technologies. Enjoy eco-friendly power with thrilling performance. Pave the way for a more connected world, one where drivers, cars and communities are all working in sync. With Nissan Intelligent Mobility™, the future of driving is in your hands today.


Nissan Intelligent Driving


Redefining How We Move

With Nissan Intelligent Mobility™, a full suite of driving innovations is always at the ready. These advanced safety features keep an eye on your surroundings, guiding your drive for greater control. They can even step in when hazards are detected to help you stay out of trouble. Experience the foundation of our autonomous drive technologies, already on the road in many Nissan vehicles today.

ProPILOT Assist™

Tap into Total Control

Take the stress out of driving with ProPILOT Assist™. Designed to guide your drive rather than overtake it, this intuitive system lets you master the road with Intelligent Cruise Control and Steer Assist. Working together, they help you keep pace with highway traffic and stay in your lane. Turn them on at the press of a button and conquer your next commute.

Régulateur de Vitesse intelligent

Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) with Full Speed Range and Hold

Set your speed and go. Intelligent Cruise Control with Full Speed Range and Hold does the rest. As part of ProPILOT Assist, this system monitors the flow of traffic, maintaining an adjustable pre-set distance from the car ahead. It can even stop your Nissan automatically when the highway slows to a standstill, picking up the pace once the way is clear.

 Système d’assistance de la direction

Steer Assist

Enjoy longer drives without the fatigue. Steer Assist lets you stay the course with ease. If you drift over the lane markings, this system automatically adjusts your steering, helping you stay between the lines. It can also keep you centred through any curves, guiding the wheel without ever taking over. Tap into the control when you activate ProPILOT Assist™.

More Advanced Driving Innovations

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Anticipate hazards down the road. Nissan’s Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system monitors traffic up to two cars ahead. It lets you know when one suddenly slows down, so you can react faster when the unexpected happens.

Intelligent Distance Control

Master stop-and-go city traffic. Intelligent Distance Control keeps a close eye on the vehicle directly ahead. If it slows down too abruptly, the system automatically adjusts your speed, so you’re always following at a safe distance.

Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

React on a dime. Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection monitors the car up ahead, while scanning the road for people you may not see. When the system, senses danger, it can automatically hit the brakes to help you avoid a front-end collision.

Intelligent Lane Intervention

Stay on the right path. With Intelligent Lane Intervention, your Nissan senses when you’re drifting over the divider lines. If you continue to cross them without signaling, the system can automatically nudge you back toward the middle of your lane.

Intelligent Blind Spot Warning (BSW)

Change lanes with confidence. Intelligent Blind Spot Warning gives you a heads up when other cars are hiding in your blind spot. If you begin to cross over the divider lines, the system steps in to guide you back to your lane and away from danger.

Intelligent Back-up Intervention with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Reverse out of a space knowing you’re in good hands. Your Nissan watch with Intelligent Back-Up Intervention. It warns you when large obstacles are in your way, automatically applying the brakes when you’re getting too close. With Rear Cross Traffic Alert, your vehicle also lets you now when other cars are passing behind you, so you can avoid a collision.

Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection

Park with precision. The Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection heightens your awareness. Using four cameras, this system gives you a virtual 360° bird’s eye view of your Nissan, with selectable front, rear and curbside views. Its sensors help keep tabs on your surroundings, warning you when something is moving nearby so you can manoeuvre confidently – even when space is tight.

High Beam Assist

See better on nighttime drives. High Beam Assist automatically turns on your high-beam headlights when you need them. If the system detects another car ahead, it switches back to the low beams, so you can focus on the road without any fumbling.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Always in Season

Nissan Intelligent All-Wheel Drive keeps you surefooted on any terrain. When roads are slick, it distributes power among all four wheels for extra traction. In normal driving conditions, it sends power to the front wheels only, for better fuel economy. You can find this system on the Nissan Altima® – our first sedan with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.

Performance That Electrifies

Nissan Intelligent Power

Tap into more of our cutting-edge driving technologies with Nissan Intelligent Power. These eco-friendly powertrain innovations deliver zero tailpipe emissions, without compromising performance. Find them at the heart of the Nissan LEAF®, our most advanced electric car yet, and the world’s bestselling electric vehicle.

Introducing the E-Pedal

The all-new LEAF® comes loaded with EV innovations like the revolutionary E-Pedal. We created it to make driving simpler and more enjoyable. Using just one pedal, you can start your car, speed up, slow down and stop with ease. Take your foot off the E-Pedal to engage regenerative brakes that recharge your battery as you drive. It’s a smarter, more sustainable way to coast around town.

Optimizing Power

Our commitment to a clean-energy future drives us to make our EV technology as advanced and efficient as possible. LEAF®’s 40 kWh battery is proof. Light and compact, it eliminates the need for weighty engine components. That means you feel all 236 lb-ft of torque kick in the moment your foot hits the pedal. With up to 242 km of range, this powerful new battery is ready to push the bounds of what’s possible on the road.


Nissan Intelligent Integration

Bring Your World Along For The Ride

Imagine if your car got smarter after every trip to keep you safer and more comfortable. Nissan is turning that vision into reality with our Seamless Autonomous Mobility System. Developed from NASA technology, this next-generation traffic system lets our driverless cars learn from each other through live data they share on the road. This helps them respond to unexpected hazards like construction zones, so passengers can sit back and enjoy a stress-free ride.

Guiding Your Way

The Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation System syncs up to the world around you. Part of NissanConnect®, it keeps you on the go with real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions and 3D graphics. You can even perform a hands-free Google® search for nearby hotspots, with simple commands like “closest pizza.” Add in NissanConnect®’s real-time weather updates, and you can navigate road conditions, too. 

Enjoy Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™

Keep your home, work and car connected with available Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™. This convenient cabin technology lets you perform smartphone tasks on your Nissan’s built-in display. Make calls, send texts, get directions, stream your favourite playlists and more – all without taking your attention off the road.

NissanConnect℠ Services

More Confident, More Connected

NissanConnect℠ Services connect you to your Nissan, everywhere you go. Start your car remotely, lock it up, or locate it in a busy parking lot. Set customizable alerts when you lend your kids the car, so you can see if they’re going a bit too far – or staying out too late. Feel more secure with roadside assistance a tap away, and get intel on all the best routes. It’s all right here, in one seamless package.

Discover NissanConnect℠ Services

Remote Access

Login to the app from your compatible smartphone and access your vehicle remotely. With NissanConnect℠ Services, you can make sure the doors are locked, or start your Nissan before you get in. You can even find out where you’ve parked, with the option to sound the horn and flash the lights in a pinch.

Emergency Assistance

We’ve got your back while you’re on the road. If you run into trouble, the tap of a button connects you with a live response professional. In the event of a flat tire, or if you run out of gas, we can request roadside assistance to your location. And if you’re ever in a collision, we can call for help.

Customizable Alerts

With NissanConnect℠ Services, you can program alerts to keep track of your Nissan when you lend it to someone else. Speed Alert lets you know if another driver exceeds your pre-set maximum speed. Boundary Alert tells you when they drive beyond your preferred radius, and Curfew Alert chimes in if they’re out past a certain time. And with Valet Alert, you’ll if the valet takes your ride a little farther than expected.

Convenience Services

Craving sushi? Search for nearby places and our Convenience Services will send you key Points of Interest. To help narrow down the selection, Destination Assistance lets you search by name or type of business, using voice command. And to make things even easier, our Journey Planner can send a great route directly to your Nissan.

Seamless Autonomous Mobility

A Smarter Way To Move

Imagine if your car got smarter after every trip to keep you safer and more comfortable. Nissan is turning that vision into reality with our Seamless Autonomous Mobility System. Developed from NASA technology, this next-generation traffic system lets our driverless cars learn from each other through live data they share on the road. This helps them respond to unexpected hazards like construction zones, so passengers can sit back and enjoy a stress-free ride.

Already on the Go

Field tests of our Seamless Autonomous Mobility System are underway in Japan. Nissan is currently fine-tuning the system as part of Easy Ride, a self-driving taxi service we’re developing with DeNA, one of Tokyo’s leading tech firms. By the early 2020s, Nissan will be bringing autonomous mobility to the world, with robo-vehicles you can access anytime, anywhere.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™

Shaping Tomorrow’s Roads

When drivers, cars and communities are connected, the world becomes a better place. Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ brings a brighter, bolder future into focus, putting our most advanced innovations at your fingertips. Providing a safer, cleaner, more exciting drive today, so tomorrow’s roads take you further than ever.